Essence of Graphology with Personality

Your Handwriting Pressure and Your Emotions

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Graphology with Touch of Art

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How Your Handwriting Affects You?

Physiological and Cognitive Benefits of Writing

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Graphology Seminar in Tokyo,Japan

18 / 19 Nov 2018

SEMINAR (In English):

18 Nov 2018: Develop Interpersonal Skills using Science of Handwriting Analysis (For Manager/Director)



19 Nov 2018: Learn about Self-Esteem & Develop it using Science of Graphology





Personality Analysis Report

A complete professional write-up of 6-8 pages.

Learn and understand more about your personality. Your strength, the way you think,how you express your emotion, the barriers that could hinder you to achieve your goals and many more. Once we understand yourself, we will be able to build a robust self-esteem and confidence. Recognise ourselves first before trying to understand others.

Personality Analysis Report (Code:PAR)

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Graphology with Touch of Art © is specially designed by Grapholistic International for those who loves unique and limited edition gifts for their special ones. It is professionally done by portrait artist who prioritize perfection and precision on the feature.Syncs with this will be the highlights of positive personalities portrayed with confidence and will speechlessly awe your love ones.

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Purchase our Motivational Quotes designed in Postcards,Canvas,Mugs to encourage and brighten the days of your love ones.

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