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Homeopathy Article: Menstrual Cramps…Ever heard about that, Ladies??

Written By: S.Sulianah DHMS,DSB,B.A Psych & Mktg Mgmt,DHA (21 March 2010)

I have been receiving loads of sighing complaints from clients, women and friends about the hardships they have to go through every month. No…it is not about cooking for their hubby or children after going back home from work nor is it about their difficulties to tone their bodies (I understand that difficulties).

Yes…it is about the cramps, stinging headaches, body weakness and vomiting every month.

A number of clients, members of families, friends and even friends of friends had approached me to ask if there is anything they can do to feel better from these pains every month.

Personally, I know how it feels. No…not because people told me how it feels, it is because I went through these before. The worst was, sleep does not ease my pain nor does taking painkillers help. The worst of all to manage was I started to vomit and failed to do anything for one whole day.

What are the causes of this unbearable monthly attack?
With reference to an article from Medicine.net; Cramps develop when clots or pieces of bloody tissues from lining of the uterus pass through the cervix. It is more painful if the cervical canal is narrow. In response to prostaglandins and other chemicals reactions, the uterine contracts resulting in menstrual cramps.

Uterine muscles contract which lead to constriction in blood supplies to endometrium. In fact this will block the delivery of oxygen to the tissue of the endometrium. It then results from breaks down and dies.

What are other ways to relieve the menstrual cramps?
Tracee Cornforth wrote an article at About.com, suggested ways such as taking a warm bath, aromatherapy and heating pad at lower abdomen to relief the pain. Herbal remedies such as evening primrose oil, cramp bark, unicorn root etc will be of help too.

In fact, there are many other solutions available out there to solve this pain.

The objective of this article is to share with you on what homeopathy can do to manage and ease the menstrual cramp complaint?

Before that, to know more about homeopathy, you can check out in our page ‘About Homeopathy’.

In homeopathy consultation, we believed in understanding the character of the symptoms of menstrual cramp. Different individuals will encounter different kind of pains and its causes. Therefore, different remedies will be prescribed to each individual.

Some menstrual cramps are not common, it is irregular and the discharges differ from normal (probably scanty, light red etc). Further consultations are essential before we could advise the suitable remedies.

Right now, I will be explaining to you on the common complaints generally experienced during menstrual period.

Why one feels like fainting and weakness during menses?
The reason why one felt like fainting during menses is due to the deficiency of phosphate of iron salt in the body. The limited amount of iron causes the circulation of blood to increase, without the right sufficient energy causing the body to become weak. High levels of prostaglandins (a chemical release by the lining of uterus) are one of the main causes.

I will normally prescribe a remedy, Ferr. Phos which originates from the mineral phosphate of iron, developed using homeopathy technique. Its function is to carry oxygen to all parts in our body. It will help to toughen cellular structure of circular walls of the blood vessels.

Ferr Phos is also an agent for developing healthy blood cells, thus it naturally helps to ease out any pains.

The remedy will work well with Kali. Phosphate to strengthen the nerve tissue which had consumed the gray matter of the brain.

How about the cramps?
Cramps occurred when white fibres contract and there is muscle contraction of the uterus. This is due to the deficiency of magnesium phosphate cell salts. White fibres will draw up, contract and thus reduce the cavity of the stomach.

Mag. Phosphate acts to supply the deficiency to the muscles.  Thus, rid off the pain that commonly occurs during menses which is caused by contraction of muscles.

How to consume the homeopathic remedies?

Ferr.Phos, Kali Phos and Mag Phos are to consume within 7 days, before your period start. This is to prevent from experiencing the cramps and body weakness when menses start.

Consumption of homeopathic remedies can be stopped once completely heal.

Homeopathic remedies come in sweet globules which will melts on your tongue. It is not to be consumed with water.

Complementary Suggestion:

The best result will be if you complement the above with exercises. Exercise makes big difference and it speed up the healing process. This will help to increase the endorphin level, in which the brain will recognize it as pain relief.

Just be consistent and you will observe motivating results.

A handful of suggestions for simple exercises.

Just do a set of 25-30.

1)  Sit-ups

2)  Squatting

3)  Lie on the floor and bend your legs towards your chest and straight out.

4)  Head for a short run (eg. 1.2km) once a week to pump blood to your heart, brain and whole body. 


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