nus career discovery 2012


To redeem the vouchers by Grapholistic International, please refer to the following instructions.

Handwriting Analysis Voucher

1) Write a full page of your handwriting, on an unlined paper (paper used for printing).

a) You could write about yourself, or any topics that is of your interest.
b) Use pen that you are comfortable with. 
c) Write on a proper base such as on a table.

2) Sign your name after completing your write-up.

3) Scan (*pdf, jpg file) and email it to consultant@grapholistic.com.

4) Indicate in the email message your voucher number stated at the top right corner of the voucher. (eg.GINUS-2301).

5) State your name,mobile no., email address on the email for us to communicate with you.

*Analysis will be emailed to you within 7 working days.  


Payment has to be made with order. Please email your handwriting and further instructions will be given via email.


Email us at consultant@grapholistic.com for any clarifications.